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Bing’s New Webmaster Tools - A Quick Overview

Bing's New Webmaster Tools - A Quick Overview Right at the beginning, you can tell Bing’s Webmaster centre was designed by SEO’s - because it has everything an SEO might need. A lot of it is in the little details. For example, when looking at your traffic sources, you see keywords – just like any other analytics service. Here’s where Bing’s different - not only do you see keywords, you see how you rank for those keywords. In addition, you see the corresponding click-through rate.

Let’s say one of your keywords is “diamond rings”. Instead of saying: “Diamond Rings: 1 000,” Bing will say: “Diamond Rings: Rank #5, CTR up 1.95%.” This gives you a goldmine of information. Using this, you can tweak your meta data to up the conversions from the search engine index.

Full Site Analysis

In addition to giving you keyword and traffic data, Bing also gives you a full crawling analysis. You can see all the pages that the Bing search bots see. You can also see which links are pointing to those pages. There’s a ton of value in this, but here’s one example. Often, website owners will have 404 errors without knowing about them. Sometimes, people will link to pages that cause 404 errors, removing any “link juice” that link could have.

By using Bing’s Webmaster Tools, you can easily see if you have links pointing to pages with 404 errors. If so, it’s simple to reclaim that SEO juice by fixing the errors. Additionally, for every keyword you have, you can also instantly see the price per click on Bing’s Ad Centre. This allows you to see if a PPC campaign could help your site. If so, you can easily bid for keywords within the Webmaster Tool Centre.

SEO Reports

Bing’s Webmaster Centre has a section called “SEO Reports”. Clicking on this section gives you a full rundown of your site. They show you if you having missing title tags, if your images don’t have alt tags – basically everything you need to know about making your site’s on-page SEO as good as it can be. With one click, you can see if there are any obvious on-page problems that are stopping you from reaching rank number 1.It’s not quite as in-depth as our free SEO analysis tool, but it is built right into the webmaster centre and it is user friendly.

Site Explorer

With the site explorer you can instantly search all the websites that are linking to your site. What’s more, you can instantly search all the websites that are linking to your competitors. You could do this with the Yahoo Site Explorer, though. What’s new about Bing is the sheer amount of options they give you for sorting. You can see all the links based on keywords. You can see all the links from specific domains. Virtually everything you could want to know about links can be found through the Bing Site Explorer.

Keyword Research

The keyword research tool is a lot like Google’s - except they show you real search data. Unlike the Google keyword tool, which takes its traffic stats off of ad volume, Bing provides you with real searcher data. In addition, they don’t round it off, either. When you’re searching for keyword data on Bing, you’re getting the most accurate search volume results possible.


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