On page seo

Some of the most important thing to consider in regards to on page SEO optimization is to optimize your layout and to make sure that your site have good content. There are however a few other things that you can do to increase your chances of reaching the top of the search engines.

In this article i am going to assume that you already written killer SEO friendly content and that you already optimized your website for speed.

On page seo Page title

The page title is very important for SEO. Some SEO:s will say that this is not longer the case but I have found that the page title will have a big impact on your ranking. We do know that Google use click through ratio as one indicator that a website deserves to rank in a certain position in the search results. A well crafted title can therefore help you rank better by attracting more clicks even if it has no direct effect.

The page title should have your main keyword near the beginning of the title and it should contain extra information about what information the reader can expect to find on the page. Search for the term you want to rank for in Google and see which related phrases they show at the bottom of the page. Try to include elements from these phrases in your page tittle.

Meta description

The meta description is often used to by google to describe your webpage and you should therefore design a meta description that is designed to lure visitors to visit your page. Tell them why they should visit your page. Always include your main keyword near the beginning of the meta description,

Alt Tex

Make sure that all images on the page contains alt text. The alt text should describe what is on the picture and at least one of the images should have an alt text that contains your key word. Try to write descriptive alt text. Instead of “apple” writh “red apple on table with black background”

Bold text

Include one instance of the key word in bold text on the page. This is an old technique but it still carries some value.

Internal links

Make sure to link to other pages of your website from within the text. Include links in natural places. Make sure that all links are helpful for the reader who want to learn more.

External links

It can also be beneficial to include a link to a high quality external source that features informatics about the thing you are taking about. Do not be afraid to link out to other quality websites. It will not hurt you and it might even help you.