SEO in South Africa

Search engine optimization is a named used to refer to a large number of different techniques designed to make your website get more exposure by getting a higher ranking in Google and other search engines. These techniques include methods to make sure that your website works as well as possible for your visitors as well as techniques that are important to search engines but that your visitors are likely to ignore.

Hiring a SEO consultant to help you optimize your website can be expensive but is money well spent. You can also chose to do the work yourself but it is important to know that SEO work is time consuming. It can often be better to hire someone to do the SEO work so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

SEO can give you a very high return on investment and can provide you with free traffic from the search engines for years to come. There are however also a large number of SEO techniques that can harm your website and make it next to impossible to ever achieve search engines rankings near the top. It is very important to chose a SEO that will use safe techniques that are unlikely to harm your website. If you do the work yourself then it is important that you learn which techniques that are beneficial and which techniques that are dangerous.

On this website we aim to teach you enough about SEO for you to be able evaluate and pick a SEO that will use safe white hat techniques when he or she is optimizing your website. You will also learn enough to be able to start optimizing the site and do on page SEO yourself if you so desire. You will learn enough to be able to bring your website to the top of Google for a less competitive terms and to be able to evaluate new techniques you read about online when you want to learn more. It takes year to develop the skill and fingertip feel that is required to bring a website to the the top for a competitive term.  Competitive terms such as stock trading, casino, gambling CFD trading and binary trading require a SEO that know how to build links aggressively without getting penalized.

SEO is part science, part art. You can learn the science in a matter of months but it takes year to develop it to an art.

Long term successsuccess

SEO is not a field where you can expect quick results. Most methods that will bring fast results are also likely to cause long term harm to your site. You will see initial benefits and then your website will fall into oblivion.

Never expect a SEO to show you fast results. You might see fast result but you should never expect them. A SEO that promise fast results is being dishonest or using black hat techniques. You should never hire a SEO that promise certain results by a certain time.

The reason that you should never expect fast result is that there is delay before you see the full benefit of the job the SEO is doing. It often takes six months before you see the full effect of the work done. That means that it takes 6 month before you see the result of the work the SEO did month 1. You should therefore not expect to see to much progress during this time. After 6 months and forward you should hopefully see progress.

Do not get tempted to try to get fast results. The best results will be achieved by working long term and allowing the work to take time. This way you will see benefits for year to come and you might be able to stay at the top of Google with minimal work. A good foundation is key in successful SEO work.

Spot a scammer

FraudsThe SEO field is filled with scams and frauds. I wish this wasn’t the case but unfortunately it is. Many SEO experts are self trained and it can be hard to differentiate between the experts and the frauds.

Some frauds are out to trick their clients to earn quick money. Other people honestly believe themselves to be good at their job and do not set out to deceive the client. They have however been thought aged or harmful techniques from self proclaimed gurus that only want to earn money by selling their books. Some of these experts are themselves scams that have less than a year in the business.

The best way to avoid hiring a scam artist or a bad SEO is to ask questions about how they are going to achieve their results, how many links they can/will build a month and how quickly they can bring you to the top of Google. The answer to these question will tell you a lot about the SEO in question.

You can read more about how to spot a fraud here.

Do not make the decision about what SEO to hire with your Wallet. If you can not afford to hire a good SEO then it is better to not hire one at all. A bad SEO might hurt your site. If you can not afford a good SEO then it is better to do what you can on your own until you can afford a good SEO.