Good Content

Your website is only as good as the content you got on the website. The content is responsible for making the visitors stay on your page and read it instead of hitting back and visiting another page. The content is also the single most important factor in regards to how well you will rank in the search engines. Very strong web site such as Amazon can have bad content and still rank high but 99% of all websites needs good content to rank. This is always the case if you want to start a new website. Good content will make it a lot easier to reach the top of Google. Good content will also make it a lot easier to build quality links for your website. Quality websites wants to link to other quality websites. A well designed websites with a lot of good content is also likely to earn a fair amount of organic links.

What is good content

Good Content - SEO in South AfricaGood content is content that answers the questions of the reader. Exactly what this means depends on the topic you are writing about. A piece of content does not have to be long to be good. It can be good despite being short if it still provides the visitor with the answers, the information that they want to find when they visit the page.

Good content should engage the reader right from the start and be well structured so that it is easy to find what you are looking for in the content. I recommend that you always add a table of contents to your content to make it easier for the reader to jump directly to the content they want to read. A table of contents also allow Google and other search engines to link directly to a certain part of an article if they think that part contains the information the searcher is looking for.

An article do, as earlier mentioned, not have to be long to be good but longer articles generally ranks higher than shorter articles. The average top listed piece of content oin Google is just under 2000 word long. Try to cover the topic as completely as possible in your article. If the article turns out to be long then that is no problem. If there is little to write about the topic then that might be okay as well.

The key point is to provide the visitor with what they are looking for. A high bounce rate will cause you to rank lower while a low bounce rate will help you climb in the search engines.

Good content is well structured

Good content is always well structured and make correct use of headers. This makes it easier for the search engines to understand what your website is about and makes it easier for your visitors to find what they are looking for. A well structured article is also easier to read and understand.

Use a lot of headers in your text to make sure that it well structured. Never use more than one H1 in the text. You can use an unlimited amount of sub headers as long as you used them as intended.

Good content is easy to read

Good content is written with the reader in mind and is written to be easy to read and understand. You should make sure to never write long passages of text. Try to start a new text passage every 150 word or more often. Try to never have more than 300 words between each header. This creates an airy easy to read text.

Do not keyword spam

Write your text for the reader. Not for the search engine. There is no longer any benefit in writing text specially optimized for search engines. Texts stuffedr with keywords. Write a normal text. Do not try to use the keyword more than you normally would while writing a text. It is beneficial (but not necessary) to mention the word you want to rank for in your content but a few times is enough. You are bound to use the key word enough if you write a normal text. In some cases you might actually find that you will end up removing key words to make your text more search engine friendly. Make sure that the keyword percentage is below 2%. I normally try to keep it around 1%.

Good content is illustrated

Always illustrate your content with images, infographics and videos.